Fishy events…

Strange things were happening in my house. The things went missing never to be seen again. A Tupperware lid, the building blocks and small cloth items. Things turned ugly, when my old mobile went missing from the bedside drawer. All hell broke loose and so was launched ‘Mission Treasure Hunt’ in the household.


All the cabinets, drawers were shuffled. Baby M’s toys were thoroughly searched. Under the table, behind the bed, all the balconies – everything was part of the scrutiny. But, to no avail! Weeks passed and the search was abandoned.

Last week, guests were visiting and I went on a cleaning spree. The house was spic and span. All the corners shining and even the vases were in queue to be cleaned. That’s when the unexpected happen. All the lost items cam out of the flower vase one by one.


Soon, we realized what had happened. Baby M has been playfully putting everything he likes in the vase. Once sent down the vase, he could not retrieve it and hence, it was forgotten and lost! Finally the thief was caught and all fishy events came to an end. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did your child also have a secret hideout place? What was it? I would love to hear cute anecdotes of your lives in comments.

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Elephant in the room…

World is full of people who can be categorized into two –

  1. Talk and discuss till you reach a conclusion.
  2. Sleep over it and it would be forgotten by morning.


The first ones would not let go of the problem till it is resolved. There mind will create a gazillion scenarios in which an issue can be handled. Some might even over-analyze the situation at hand. At least you are sure that by the end, all hard feelings have been spoken out.

The second category are the ones who are calm headed. If things go out of hand, they would not fret over it. Letting go does not mean that you are submissive. It might do more good than you can think of.

I for one fall into category one at home and category two for office. Other around me are not always comfortable with it. My parenting style is different from my parents or my in-laws. What they perceive to be correct might not be same as my thinking and vice-versa. Every time the child cries someone rushes to cajole him. I believe that a child should learn to self-soothe too.

All the demands that the child makes should not be agreed to. And, you should never bribe them into doing something, especially, while eating. If a child rejects one food, you do not go ahead and tell them to eat another food item because it is better. Giving salt or sugar at age of six months should be a mother’s choice. And, not to be forced just because the older generation did so.

Very often it so happens that the kid falls on the ground, and others tell to hit the ground because it made the kid fall. What’s the fault of ground in it? Innocent ground punished for no fault of its own. This is one habit which I sincerely dislike and do not let others around me do it to my child. Why teach a child to hurt someone every time they fall or get hurt?

These are just few of the incidents and many more are like elephant in the room – always present but never to be discussed!

How do you cope up with the difference in parenting style within the primary care givers of your child?

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It’s a Dog Life…

raju-gpk-653258-unsplashThere are days when I am tired beyond words. The nine hours work culture and then coming home to a kid who misses his mother. It takes a toll on you. The weekends should be reserved only for sleeping and resting. But, that’s the only time when I can spend whole day with Baby M. And, I do not want to miss it any cost. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I should count my blessings that I have a help around to take care of the household and also a nanny for the baby. Still, I feel exhausted, as if I have not slept in years. Perks of being a mother? Others often say that I have my life easy, I do not have to take care of the child whole day. Do such people even think for a second before speaking?

During maternity, I had all the plans to leave the job or take a sabbatical to take care of M. I had extended my leaves too. Unfortunately, after few months I was at loss. Not taking to anyone, not going out of home. I had to join back work to keep my sanity. Call me selfish if you want to, but without work I was losing my self-confidence.

The mothers who stay away from work to take care of their children deserve an applause. Same is for the mothers who work. There is no right or wrong. How you chose to bring up your child is your decision. As I always say, a mother is never at break. It’s all a dog’s life!

Are you a working mother or stay at home mom? How do you cope up with exhaustion? Do share some tips with us in the comment section.

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Cat’s nine lives…

Baby M is notorious, at 18 months of age, he knows 18 different ways to fall and hurt himself. Not a day goes by, when my heart stops for a second because of the Baby M tricks. He would walk be walking straight and suddenly I would hear a cry, cause he is on the floor!

I have never disclosed it to anyone but one of my scariest dream since the M was born has been he has falls and hurts himself. As a new mother, I had a horrible dream one night that I accidentally drop him on the floor from my lap. He gives a feeble smile and then his eyes shut. I remember waking up sweating profusely, hugging the child sleeping next to me and crying silently till tears were dried by my pillow. Scary isn’t it?

For a long time, after that I was afraid to give him to anyone or to carry him around myself too. I would sit holding him on the bed and never leave his aside. It took sometime for me to overcome my fear. Once, he started talking steps, I had to let him go and explore the world on his own.

baby 2

We had the baby corner set in the room on a floor bedding with all his toys kept there. And, he would sometimes roll off the bedding onto the floor. He slowly learnt to stay off the edge. Even today, he would stand on the bed, come to the corner and pretend to jump. He would smile at me with a sprinkle of mischief in his eyes, but never jump.

With time, I have learnt my lesson and do not stress much when he plays. I teach him to be careful by mimicking safe and unsafe actions. And, I got to have faith that even a cat’s got nine lives to live in a lifetime. ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you scared for your kids? Do you ever stop fearing when the kids grow up? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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B for Bub bub…#AtoZchallenge

Do you remember learning your alphabets? And, alongside alphabets we were taught the common words associated with the alphabet. Become a mother and the A to Z will be rewritten.

B was for Ball.ย 

B was for Bat.

Not anymore, for now, in my household, B stands for “Bub-Bub”. Anything that the little M wants is Bub-bub. Even, his mom was Bub-bub for a long time. Thankfully, Mom is Mumma now and not Bub-bub anymore.

There is a funny story which makes me chuckle every time I think about it. On rare occasions that I reach home before sunset, I took baby M to the park to enjoy the evening. A normal day for most mothers, but a big achievement for us together. Usually, there are grandparents around to take Baby M to the park and play with him. Because, Mommy got to do the job to keep up with the high dreams and the rising inflation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Again, coming back to the main incident. Baby M decides he wants something that other kids are playing with. To give you the picture, one corner has kids playing on the swings. Then, there are three little girls playing with their dolls and braiding their hair. The older kids are skating diagonally to us and the last corner has six year-old kids playing cricket with a comparatively bigger ball. Baby M is running in all directions crying for the Bub-bub he wants. And the helpless mother, unable to comprehend what new object has fascinated my child.

I stop and think for a second, dolls don’t interest him much. We just went on the swings, he is definitely too small for skating. And, that’s when I realized that Master M has found his new love in cricket and the Ball is the new ‘Bub-bub’. The kids who refuses to even touch the ball at home and play fetch with it, is adamant to get the ball that kids our playing with. Lovely kids, entertained the baby M for sometime before we head back to home.

Keeping the new information handy, I declare that park time is now officially the ‘Bub-bub time of the day’. Oops, it is the ‘Ball time of the day’. This happened two months ago and never again has my son shown any interest in playing with balls again. But, as ritual he will carry his ball to the park in his bag and refuse to take the ball out.

An object of mystery becomes object of endearment in nanoseconds and then all love is lost forever too soon. It is the Dilemma of my life. And, till to learn to speak little one, mommy is going to keep solving the puzzle of ‘B for Bub-Bub’.

This is the second post of the #AtoZChallenge. Did you take time to decode the secret language of your child? How long before you understood it all?

Apple of My Eyes… #A2Z2019

apple attractive beautiful beauty

You are the center of my world, my most prized possession & my will to stay immortal. For you gave me the title of Mother. I loved kids even as a kid!ย Well, to be honest, we are all good parents till parenthood begins. All in between the pregnancy and child leaving home for college passes in blur. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had seen plenty of new parents around me throughout my life. Aunts having kids, cousins having kids, my sibling having kids. All these the perks of having a huge family nearby!ย  But, I could not be more ignorant of the struggles of parenthood – especially motherhood. All those coming to respond that Father has an equal role in parenting. Hold on, did you really carry the child in your womb for 40 weeks? Or were you able to take a day off every time the kid was unwell or had to be picked up from those soccer sessions? Or were you subjected to all the scrutiny about your child’s height, weight, yada-yada?

Silly me, got a little carried away! My little baby M, you bring immense joy to my life and add a daily dose of zeal to get throughout the day. Seeing you running towards me after 10 hours of being away for work is the highlight of my day. Mommy wants to see you happy, healthy and hearty. You are the Apple of My Eyes!

apple of my eyes

First post of the series of #A2Z2019. This is my corner where I would talk about my motherhood journey without any inhibitions. Welcome to follow my journey throughout the month of April.


#AtoZ2019 Theme Reveal

April is here and I am beginning the new journey of blogging with the month long #AtoZ2019 challenge. This is the time when bloggers everywhere jog their minds to put up 26 blog posts, one for each alphabet – A to Z.

My theme would be talking about my parenting journey as a first time mother to a toddler. And, to add to that, I am a working mother trying my best to balance all aspects of my life. My posts would be from my personal experience. Some might be funny, some serious, filled with happiness or with rants.

All that happens in a mother’s life. Because a mother never gets day off. Hope to see you all join me in this journey of Anecdotes of Mom Life!